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External Paint Standards Letter — June 29, 2020

June 29, 2020

Dear Homeowners:

Recently, one of the homes in our HOA had the exterior trim painted; unfortunately, it was not painted in accordance with the HOA specified color.  Upon further investigation, the board discovered that in the recent past several other homes have similarly had their exterior trim painted with a color not specified by the HOA.  In all these cases, no deviation was requested or authorized by the Architectural Committee which currently is filled by the board members.

The CC&R’s are specific regarding any deviations to the exterior appearance of the homes in the HOA vis-à-vis requesting approval of the Architectural Committee.  A list of the authorized paint colors is on the Sunrise Canyon HOA website.

The board has decided that no action will be taken at this time regarding the homes that have used unspecified colors on the exterior of their homes.  However, as of this date, any homes having their exteriors painted with colors other than those specified by the HOA will be required to have them repainted using the authorized colors.  Non-compliance could result in fines/assessments as authorized in the CC&R’s.

Furthermore, when homeowners offer their homes for sale, either or both the Title Company and the Realtor provide the board with a form to be filled out that certifies HOA provisions such as association dues, insurance coverage, special assessments, etc.  Also included on the form is some sort of statement that asks for any existing non-compliance issues.  Here are some typical statements: “Do the records of the Association reflect any alterations or improvements to the unit that violate the declarations?”  or “Are there any violations against this property or unit?”  Accordingly, if and when the homes in the HOA that have been painted with unauthorized colors are offered for sale and the board receives the Title Company/Realtor form, the issue of using the wrong color paint will be noted on the form and the Title Company/Realtor will most likely require that the seller repaint the exterior areas with the authorized colors.

If any homeowners are planning to repaint exterior portions of their homes or make alterations/modifications of the structure, we encourage you to submit your plans to the board prior to beginning the work  if there is any question of a deviation from the CC&R’s or the exterior color schemes of the HOA.  As for painting, we suggest you provide your painter with the attached color chart and not rely upon the painter to comply or decide which color he prefers.  It is your responsibility.

We regret having to take this action.  But, to maintain the integrity and appearance of our neighborhood, the board felt that we had to insist that our community comply with the CC&R’s for the overall benefit of the HOA.


The Sunrise Canyon HOA Board of Directors

Javelina Alert

At about 9:30 PM on the evening of Saturday, May 30th, a large pack of about 15 Javelina (with piglets)  was seen in the pool area.  The pack went through the common space next to Nancy Cox’s house, crossed Via Vigna, and into the common space next to Allan Wright’s house.  Residents must be careful, especially if walking a dog in the evening.  Javelina packs, with young ones, can be dangerous if they sense any threats such a dog (even on a leash) or people. Click here for information on dealing with javelinas from the Arizona Fish and Game Department.

Temporary Suspension of Recycle Pick-Ups

Sunrise Canyon’s disposal and recycle service provider, Right Away Disposal (RAD), was directed by the State of Arizona to suspend recycling pick-ups due to COVID-19.  This was because its recycling process involves manual separation of the items and puts workers at risk.  Accordingly, RAD has to put everything into the landfill. The expectation is that recycle pick-ups will resume in (early) June. So if you can set aside your recycling material until that time, you will still be able to have them recycled, as opposed to having them end up in the landfill.

Sunrise Canyon Spring Clean-Up Bulk Collection Service: Additionally, the annual Sunrise Canyon spring clean-up bulk collection will take place on Monday, June 15, 2020.  Click here to see a flyer describing the service, and providing guidance on how to take advantage of it on June 15th.

Sunrise Canyon Pool Area Reopened in Limited Way

As of today, May 7, 2020, the pool area, including the pool and tennis courts (but NOT the spa), is again open for use by residents/homeowners. Guests are not allowed in the pool area. Social distancing is required, so make sure you maintain at least a 6-foot separation from others using the common area. Additional guidance, if any, will be posted here.

For State of Arizona information and guidance on the COVID-19 situation, you can visit the Arizona Together website by clicking here.

Dangerous Critters Out and About

There was a Saturday article on the Arizona Daily Star website regarding how rattlesnakes are enjoying Tucson’s weather these days. (Click here to read story.) The dangerous critter angle hit a little closer to our Sunrise Canyon homes today. John Patterson found a Gila Monster in his yard. While Gila Monsters don’t move very fast, they are extremely dangerous. John did the right thing. He called Rural Metro to come and take the critter away. You should do the same thing if you see one.

Update on Sunrise Canyon Community Pool Area

The good news is that the pool deck has been repainted and the paint is dry by now. The bad news is the entire community pool area (including the pool, spa, tennis/pickleball court) is closed until further notice.

When they are reopened, I will send out a website post and there will be notices posted around the community area. In the meantime, the latest information from the State of Arizona regarding COVID-19 is accessible by clicking here.

Vandalism in Pool Area

Dear Sunrise Canyon Residents:  Unfortunately we have experienced some vandalism and theft in the pool area.  Recently, our 100 ft. hose and nozzle were stolen.  And, someone vandalized the electrical wiring on the water heater and in fact disconnected it.  That is the reason that there is currently no hot water in the shower.  We are in the process of having it repaired.  In the meantime, we have had to turn-off the electricity in the bathrooms since there are exposed wires on the water heater.  In the past we asked residents to lock the bathrooms after their use.  We are asking again.  The spa is once again operating—the new heater we had installed came with a bad circuit board that was causing problems and has been replaced.

— Vince San Angelo, Treasurer, Sunrise Canyon HOA, April 3, 2020

Pat Blease Memorial Service

Pat Blease, who lived at 6843 E. Via Vigna, died on Sunday, January 26th.  A church service for Pat will be held at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church on Tuesday, February 4th at 10:30 a.m.  Other details will be added to this post, if and when they become available.