New Landscaping Schedule Posted

A new landscape maintenance schedule (through March 22, 2024) has been posted on the Landscaping and Landscape Committee page of the HOA website. An update of this schedule will be posted when it becomes available.

The schedule provides us with information on when all the various parts of the common area will be attended to by the landscaping crew. It can also be used to monitor the work of the crew, to make sure we are getting the productivity that we expect under the HOA contract, which we’re all paying for. (It should not be used as an opportunity to try to direct the crew to do work that is not in the work plan.)

Minutes from November 19, 2023 Annual Meeting and Trash Can Management

The minutes from the November 2023 Annual Meeting are now available on the Sunrise Canyon HOA Matters page of the website.

Additionally, Mark Happ, after seeing the damage caused by javelinas when trash cans were left out overnight on Strada de Rubino, sent us residents on that street the following email.  I thought I would include it (without the pictures that were attached) in this posting, as I don’t think javelinas only visit the northern part of our HOA:

“Dear fellow Strada De Rubino residents,

“Attached to this e-mail are various pictures of recent incidents of (in most cases) javelina having a late night party on our street. To avoid the continuing reoccurrence of this issue, I would ask for your cooperation to not put your trash bin out until Wednesday mornings. Recycling bins can still be put out the night before which should help since the recycling pick up has now been occurring around 9am in the morning.

“On an unrelated note, I would ask everyone whose property has a sidewalk that when putting out either the trash or the recycle bins, please place them in the street along the curb and not on the sidewalk. This request is because Sunrise Canyon HOA is bound by AZHB 2395 which is an Arizona law that is designed to keep sidewalks clear for everyone to use. This is an ADA related issue and has directly impacted one of our residents who was trying to use the sidewalk when rehabbing after hip surgery. Keeping sidewalks clear also includes not parking vehicles such that they encroach upon the sidewalk. Hopefully, when our Board gets the new C,C &R revisions issued, keeping sidewalks clear will be included as part of those revisions.

“Thanks for your help!

“Mark Happ”

Semi-Annual Dues Payment Due January 1st and Community Directory Review

Earlier this month, Mark Happ, the Sunrise Canyon HOA Treasurer, sent out notices that the semi-annual dues payments ($800) are due on January 1, 2024.

To avoid paying an additional amount as a result of being delinquent, please get those payments in by January 1st.

Send the payments to Sunrise Canyon HOA, 5255 N. Strada de Rubino, Tucson, AZ  85750-6043.

If you have any questions, contact Mark at or 936-577-7831.


The Sunrise Canyon Community Directory is available, in password-protected mode, on the Sunrise Canyon Community Information page of our website.   Please check it out and, if you would like any changes made to the information shown in the Directory, please send your changes to me at  If you have forgotten the password, please ask your neighbor or send me a text at 503-309-4264.


Spa-Hot Tub Fully Operational, but Gate Lock Not Yet Fixed

Allan Wright tells me that the heater AND the water jets on the spa-hot tub are both working. So that problem has been solved and the spa-hot tub is fully operational. Enjoy!

The problem with the key lock on the main gate is still not fixed. Watch here for information when that fix has been accomplished.


Materials for Sunday, November 19th Annual Meeting

Two documents, a Proposed 2024 Sunrise Canyon HOA Budget and a November 19, 2023 Sunrise Canyon Financial Update, have been posted on the HOA Matters page of our website. If you can review these, and print out a copy to bring to the meeting at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow (Sunday, November 19, 2023), please do so.  If other materials become available before the meeting, they will also be posted on that web page.

As at all Annual Meetings, one of the Board of Director seats is up for election. If you would like to dominate someone, please send that name to Tim Connolly, the Chairman of the Elections Committee, at The position that is up for election this year is held by Allan Wright, who is running for reelection to that position.

If you cannot attend the meeting and would like someone else to represent you at the meeting and cast a vote, if votes are taken, you can designate someone to serve as your Proxy. Procedures for designating a Proxy (either by email or the Designation of Proxy Form) can be found on the HOA Official Documents page of the website.

Spa/Hot Tub Under Repair

The heater on the spa/hot tub is not working and needs to be repaired. According to Board President Allan Wright, the vendor does not have the needed parts in stock and is awaiting delivery of the parts. Unfortunately, there is not yet a repair schedule. Once further information is available, it will posted on this Announcements and News Posts page.

Sunrise Canyon HOA Annual Meeting – November 19, 2023

The Board has scheduled the 2023 HOA Annual Meeting for 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 19, 2023, in the Sunrise Canyon HOA pool and spa area. The agenda has now been posted on the Sunrise Canyon HOA Matters page of this website. As additional materials for the meeting become available, they will also be posted on that page of the website.  So, check that website page frequently in the next couple of weeks.

As with all annual meetings, there will be an election for one of the three Board seats. This year, the Board seat currently held by Allan Wright is up for election. Allan is interested in continuing to serve on the Board and is running for reelection. If you are interested in running for the Board seat or nominating someone, please contact Tim Connolly, the Chairman of this year’s HOA Election Committee. If you cannot be present at the meeting, you can find the Sunrise Canyon Designation of Proxy Form on the Sunrise Canyon Official Documents page of this website.