We’re a community of 58 town homes nestled in the foothills of the Santa Catalina mountains near Tucson, Arizona.

(We are not affiliated in any way with the Sunrise Canyon HOAs in Apache Junction, AZ; Las Vegas, NV; or Universal City, TX.)

Business Address:   
Sunrise Canyon Homeowners Association
5255 N. Strada De Rubino
Tucson, AZ      85750-6043

Board of Directors                        3-Year Term Ends                         Current Position                   
Allan Wright                                      November 2023                              President
Vinson San Angelo                         November 2022                             Treasurer
Tim Connolly                                    November 2024                             Secretary

Architectural Committee:
Chairperson:                                                Gail Seale
Members:                                                      Shelley Olsen, Leslie Roberts

Landscape Committee:
Chairperson:                                               Claire Connolly
Members:                                                    Jim Olsen, Betty Brainerd

Welcoming Committee:                      Champa Carr

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