Landscaping Reminder from Clair Connolly

Clair Connolly is the Chairperson of the Sunrise Landscape Committee. She asked me to post the following message:

No landscaping in the common areas is to be removed, cut down, or altered without first filing a request with the landscaping committee.

If this keeps happening without prior approval, we will be forced to start fining people and charging them the cost of replacing material that has been taken out.

We also may start fining people for taking out landscaping in their own yards and having it dumped in common areas. This is becoming a real problem.

If people have material in their yards (such as cactus, etc.) that they no longer want, they can notify me and we can look at it and see if it fits the overall landscaping plan. If it does I will have our new landscaper come and remove it and put it in our new nursery area until we find the right fit in the neighborhood landscape plan.

If there is landscape material outside of their walls that looks like it is dying I would ask people to kindly give it a good drink once in awhile. We are in a three year drought and no one knows what is going to happen this year. I understand the frustration but a little bit of water now and then goes a long way. I have been trying to water and save things but I can only go so far with a bucket and a hose. So, if everyone would pitch in and do their part it would be greatly appreciated.

We are a community and we need to behave as community members.

Thanks, Claire

Spring Reminders

It is spring, so remember the following:

Watch for snakes and other critters (such as Gila monsters) that will start to come out as the weather warms up.

Make sure that you have phone numbers handy for snake removal (Rural Metro:  520-624-9913).

By keeping debris, leaf litter, etc. out of your yard, you can avoid giving rattle snakes a place to hide.

Be extra cautious when walking in the neighborhood, especially if you are walking your dog.

Before the monsoons strike, to do the following:

Check your roofs to make sure they are intact and don’t need to be recoated. (It is recommended to have them recoated every three years.)

Check your scuppers and make sure that they are not blocked by any debris that may cause leaks inside your unit.

Have an air conditioning check to make sure everything is working properly.

Take care of weeds on your property and check irrigation systems for leaks.

If you are leaving for any extended period, stop your mail and newspapers so that your unit does not appear to be standing empty.  Have a neighbor nearby check on your unit periodically to make sure irrigation is running properly and nothing in front of your unit proclaims non-occupancy.

There is a link to the Season Reminders document on the HOA website’s Sunrise Canyon Community Information page. Right now, it only contains reminders for the spring season. If you would like to suggest reminders we could put on that page for another time of the year, please send your ideas to me, at My intent would be to post the reminders at the appropriate time of the year.

Landscape Committee and Landscaping Update

The new landscape committee has released an April 2021 Landscape Committee newsletter. As you can read in the newsletter, Infinity Earthworks will now be providing our landscaping services for the Sunrise Canyon community. The landscape committee has also developed a Sunrise Canyon Standard List of Common Area Plants and Materials that can be used in the HOA common areas. Note that both the new landscaping contractor and the plants list emphasize the use xeriscaping – landscaping in a way that requires little or no irrigation. Many communities in the Fairfield area have have maintained attractive landscaping under the xeriscaping approach.

Anyone with a specific common area maintenance request should submit that request through use of the Common Space Maintenance Request Form. If you would like to make a specific change to the common area near your property, you can use the Common Space Project Request Form to seek approval for that change.

The newsletter, the Common Area Landscape Standards list, and the request forms can be found on the Landscaping Matters Page of the Sunrise Canyon website. If you have any questions or comments about the new Landscaping Procedures, please contact Claire Connolly, the chair of the Landscape Committee.

Marty Marsio

I am sad to report that Marty Marsio passed away yesterday, March 23, 2021. Marty had lived in the Sunrise Canyon community for almost 30 years. Nancy Cox describes her as “…a true friend with a big heart. She had a smile that glowed from far away.” The family has announced that there will be no memorial service and that Marty’s ashes will be scattered in Sabino Canyon.

Landscape Committee

Happily, Sunrise Canyon now has a newly active Landscape Committee. The Committee Chairman is Claire Connolly, with Jim Olsen and Betty Brainerd serving as members. The new committee is discussing ideas for moving forward among themselves and with the Board. In the next few weeks, the Committee plans to announce how it intends to work with the residents and the Board to improve the look of our community and our landscaping practices.   In the meantime, if you would be interested in helping out with community landscaping projects, contact Claire Connolly at 402-689-7799.

Sad News about Steve Rosebrugh

On February 12th, Steve Rosebrugh suffered a heart attack while driving on Territory Drive and died after moving to the shoulder. It was completely unexpected and we grieve with Marie for the loss of, as she says, this “sweet man.”

Sad, Doubly Sad, News

Within the last few weeks, we have had two deaths among the residents of the Sunrise Canyon community.  We will truly miss Jim Slanaker and Fred Becker.

Jim Slanaker

On December 10th, 2020, Jim Slanaker died after a long battle with cancer. Jim was a very personable and energetic guy who was always friendly and considerate, even when he was dealing with his health issues. Even though he and Charlotte have only lived in our community for the last six or seven years, he served for a while during that time as the chairman of our Landscape Committee.

Fred Becker

Fred Becker died very peacefully in his sleep today, January 19th, 2021. Fred had lived in our community since its founding in the late 1980’s. Fred and his wife, Lorraine, who died in 2017, were avid and very accomplished tennis players. He loved driving his vintage cars and waving to the neighbors and, before his knee gave out, Fred served as the informal Strada de Rubino town crier.

Mary Lou Higgins tells me that Fred is being cremated by the Neptune Society and his ashes are being take back to Becker Lutheran Church in Pennsylvania where Lorraine is interred.

Semi-Annual Dues Payment due by January 1, 2021

Earlier this month, Vince San Angelo, the Sunrise Canyon HOA Treasurer, sent out notices that the semi-annual dues payments are due on January 1, 2021.

To avoid paying an additional amount as a result of being delinquent, please get those payments in before the end of December.

Send the payments to Sunrise Canyon HOA, 5255 N. Strada de Rubino, Tucson, AZ  85750-6043.

If you have any questions, contact Vince at or 520-232-1075.

SNAP Holiday Greeting Reminder

To see the Sunrise Neighborhood Assistance Program (SNAP) 2020 Holiday Greeting and Reminder Card, click here.

Sunrise Canyon Community Directory

As I frequently do, I updated the community Directory on December 21, 2020. To access the directory, go to the Sunrise Canyon Community Information Page of our website. If you can’t remember the password necessary to open the directory, just ask you neighbors, or call or text Syd Berwager at 503-309-4264. And, if you see something in the directory that is erroneous or needs updating, send your information to

Letter on Procedures for Assuring Paint Standards Application

Vince San Angelo asked that the following letter be posted on the website:

November 12, 2020

Dear Residents:

A residence in the HOA was recently sold.  However, upon inspection of the property the board noted that the trim was not in compliance with the HOA specified paint colors.  The Title Company insisted that the owner follow HOA rules.  It was repainted and the sale became final.

However, the owner/seller made a suggestion to the board that was reasonable and constructive.  He did not know his home was painted with the wrong color when he placed his home for sale.  He thought that the board should let the residents know beforehand if their homes are incorrectly painted so that they can make corrections before entering the selling process; and, if they are contemplating having their homes repainted as general maintenance.

Accordingly, the board checked each home in the HOA and identified those with incorrect paint on their trim.  Each owner will be notified by a personal letter from the board.

We also noted that while many homes had their trim painted with the correct color, there were quite a few that badly needed repainting due to weathering, etc.  Please check your homes to see if repainting is due.  Ensure your painter uses the correct paint colors.

To reiterate the HOA policy—Prior to the sale of homes that have their trim incorrectly painted owners will be required to repaint in compliance with the HOA paint colors.  This will be noted on the Title Company information form that is sent to the HOA for completion and could affect the sales process.

The Sunrise Canyon HOA Paint Color Standards can be found on the HOA website.

Thank you,

The Sunrise Canyon Board of Directors

2020 Virtual Annual Meeting/New Budget

Covid-19 pandemic concerns led to the Board not convening an in-person 2020 Annual Meeting. Instead, the Board has issued a document that covers the topics that would have been addressed had the Annual Meeting taken place. This Virtual Annual Meeting document is now available on the Sunrise Canyon HOA Matters page of the Sunrise Canyon website. Also available on that page is a copy of the 2020 Budget Update – Proposed 2021 Budget. Vince San Angelo would have discussed that budget at the traditional Annual Meeting. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact members of the Board: President Allan Wright, Treasurer Vince San Angelo, or Secretary Shelby Rigg. Their email addresses and phone numbers can be found in the HOA Directory.