Results of July 2023 Landscaping Survey Now Available

Sunrise Canyon HOA Treasurer Mark Happ has prepared a summary of the responses he received to the Landscaping Survey he distributed last month. The Landscaping Survey instrument itself, a summary of the responses, and a tabulation of the individual comments received are all available on the Landscaping and Landscape Committee page of the Sunrise Canyon HOA website.

Also available on the Landscaping and Landscape Committee page is a document showing the Landscaping Zone map and and the landscaping schedule through October 27th.  As updates of the landscaping schedule become available, they will be posted on that website page.

Newly-Approved Architecture Design Reference Available

Dear Sunrise Canyon Homeowners,

We now have a Sunrise Canyon HOA Board-approved Architecture Design Reference. It can be found on the Architecture and Architectural Committee webpage of the Sunrise Canyon website. Please use this as a guide for any exterior projects that you would like to undertake.

Page 4 discusses which projects need approval and which projects do not. When in doubt, please contact the Architectural Committee.

Page 8 has instructions for applying for project approval.


The Architectural Committee

Gail Seale, Chair
Lesley Roberts
Jane Vitale

Sad News about Dorothy Williamson

Sadly, I am passing along the information that Dorothy Williamson died peacefully this past Monday, June 12th.

A memorial service will be held on Saturday, July 8, 2023 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Christ Church United Methodist at 655 N. Craycroft Road, 520-327-1116.

For additional information, please contact her daughter: Diana Vargas 707-508-5140.

Comments wanted on Proposed Architecture Design Reference document by Saturday, June 24, 2023

The Sunrise Canyon Board and the Architectural Committee would like comments from Sunrise Canyon homeowners on the Proposed Architectural Design Reference document. Once finalized, this document will serve to establish the standards and procedures that homeowners would need to follow when considering changes to the exterior of their residents. The Proposed Architectural Design Reference can be found on both the HOA Matters page and the Architecture and Architectural Committee page of the Sunrise Canyon website. Please review this document and submit any comments you have to Architectural Committee Chair Gail Seale, at, by Saturday, June 24, 2023. The Committee and the Board will consider any comments before finalizing the Architecture Design Reference.

New Sunrise Canyon Architecture Design Reference Document

​May 17, 2023

Dear Sunrise Canyon Homeowner,

The ​Sunrise Canyon HOA ​Architectur​al Committee determined that the Sunrise Canyon community needed more comprehensive and detailed standards for homeowners to refer to for S​unrise Canyon architecture guidelines and regulations. Therefore, we created a new Architecture Design Reference to replace the earlier Rules and Regulations on ​our website. Hopefully this document will help clarify any questions you may have regarding standards throughout our Sunrise Canyon community. The ​goals of the ​Architectur​al Committees and ​the HOA are to retain consistency throughout the S​unrise Canyon neighborhood, preserve the quality of our houses, and enhance property values, ​thus maintaining an outstanding community where our homes are a sound investment. These guidelines are consistent​ with​ the standards originally established by the Fairfield developer.

You will find this new document, titled ​”​Sunrise Canyon ​Architecture Design Reference​”​​”​ on the ​Architecture and Architectural Committee page of the ​Sunrise Canyon website, along with a separate document ​titled “Sunrise Canyon Approved Exterior Paint Color​s”. Please read this prior to the HOA​ meeting this Sunday, ​May 21st, at 4​ ​p​.​m.

Respectfully submitted,​​

The SC Architecture Committee
​     ​Gail Seale, Chair
​     ​Lesley Roberts
​     Jane Vitale

Landscaping Volunteers Wanted on Monday Mornings (March 13th)

Clair Connolly and the other Landscape Committee members are again looking for volunteers to help with some landscaping projects this coming Monday morning, March 13th.  The group will be placing rock and raking, so please wear gloves.  The meeting will be at the entrance off of Rosmarino.  Because temperatures are rising, the starting time will be 7:00 a.m.  Scheduled hours are from 7 to 10, but if you would want to stay later, that would be great.  Water bottles and snacks will be provided.

HOA Board Meeting Scheduled for Saturday, March 18, 2023

All members of the Sunrise Canyon HOA are invited to an HOA Board meeting on Saturday, March 18, 2023. The meeting, scheduled for 4:00 p.m. at the pool deck, will focus largely on financial matters. An agenda for that meeting is available on the HOA Matters page of our website. As additional information is made available for the meeting (possibly including a revised agenda), that material will be made available on that HOA Matters page.

Bulk Pick-Up Day Scheduled – Friday, March 3, 2023

We have arranged a bulk pick-up day for all residents of the Sunrise Canyon community. For more information, please open the Waste Connections of Arizona (WCofAZ) Spring Bulk Service flyer by CLICKING HERE.

The flyer describes how and when to set out the material, and how much and what kind of material can be set out to be picked up. Please follow the guidance provided in the WCofAZ flyer.

While we have arranged for the service to be available to the Sunrise Canyon community on Friday, March 3rd, please note that in order for material in front of your residence to be picked up, you must call WCofAZ at 520-881-4227, no later than noon, Thursday, March 2nd, the day before the pick-up service is provided.  When you call, they will probably ask for the name on the WCofAZ service contract (Sunrise Canyon Foothills) and what items you will be placing in front or your townhome to be picked up. 

NOTE: This WCofAZ service is intended for debris and items that are no longer useful. If you have items that can be further used, there are other services that you could use to donate those items. One such service is HabiStore, which is the Habitat for Humanity’s retail outlet in Tucson.  Here is a link to the HabiStore website that describes how to donate items, including scheduling a pick-up.