Spring Reminders

It is spring, so remember the following:

Watch for snakes and other critters (such as Gila monsters) that will start to come out as the weather warms up.

Make sure that you have phone numbers handy for snake removal (Rural Metro:  520-624-9913).

By keeping debris, leaf litter, etc. out of your yard, you can avoid giving rattle snakes a place to hide.

Be extra cautious when walking in the neighborhood, especially if you are walking your dog.

Before the monsoons strike, to do the following:

Check your roofs to make sure they are intact and don’t need to be recoated. (It is recommended to have them recoated every three years.)

Check your scuppers and make sure that they are not blocked by any debris that may cause leaks inside your unit.

Have an air conditioning check to make sure everything is working properly.

Take care of weeds on your property and check irrigation systems for leaks.

If you are leaving for any extended period, stop your mail and newspapers so that your unit does not appear to be standing empty.  Have a neighbor nearby check on your unit periodically to make sure irrigation is running properly and nothing in front of your unit proclaims non-occupancy.

There is a link to the Season Reminders document on the HOA website’s Sunrise Canyon Community Information page. Right now, it only contains reminders for the spring season. If you would like to suggest reminders we could put on that page for another time of the year, please send your ideas to me, at sydberwager@gmail.com. My intent would be to post the reminders at the appropriate time of the year.