Landscaping Reminder from Clair Connolly

Clair Connolly is the Chairperson of the Sunrise Landscape Committee. She asked me to post the following message:

No landscaping in the common areas is to be removed, cut down, or altered without first filing a request with the landscaping committee.

If this keeps happening without prior approval, we will be forced to start fining people and charging them the cost of replacing material that has been taken out.

We also may start fining people for taking out landscaping in their own yards and having it dumped in common areas. This is becoming a real problem.

If people have material in their yards (such as cactus, etc.) that they no longer want, they can notify me and we can look at it and see if it fits the overall landscaping plan. If it does I will have our new landscaper come and remove it and put it in our new nursery area until we find the right fit in the neighborhood landscape plan.

If there is landscape material outside of their walls that looks like it is dying I would ask people to kindly give it a good drink once in awhile. We are in a three year drought and no one knows what is going to happen this year. I understand the frustration but a little bit of water now and then goes a long way. I have been trying to water and save things but I can only go so far with a bucket and a hose. So, if everyone would pitch in and do their part it would be greatly appreciated.

We are a community and we need to behave as community members.

Thanks, Claire