Landscape Committee and Landscaping Update

The new landscape committee has released an April 2021 Landscape Committee newsletter. As you can read in the newsletter, Infinity Earthworks will now be providing our landscaping services for the Sunrise Canyon community. The landscape committee has also developed a Sunrise Canyon Standard List of Common Area Plants and Materials that can be used in the HOA common areas. Note that both the new landscaping contractor and the plants list emphasize the use xeriscaping – landscaping in a way that requires little or no irrigation. Many communities in the Fairfield area have have maintained attractive landscaping under the xeriscaping approach.

Anyone with a specific common area maintenance request should submit that request through use of the Common Space Maintenance Request Form. If you would like to make a specific change to the common area near your property, you can use the Common Space Project Request Form to seek approval for that change.

The newsletter, the Common Area Landscape Standards list, and the request forms can be found on the Landscaping Matters Page of the Sunrise Canyon website. If you have any questions or comments about the new Landscaping Procedures, please contact Claire Connolly, the chair of the Landscape Committee.