Correcting Mail Delivery Problem

If you find that another resident’s mail is consistently being placed into your mailbox (which might happen when delivery personnel change), the U.S. Postal Service recommends you do the following: (1) Circle the address and mark it “Incorrectly Delivered”; and (2) Place that piece of mail into the outgoing mail box. By doing so, you … Continue reading "Correcting Mail Delivery Problem"

Vantana Canyon Fire Picture

Anne McCarthy sent me this striking and somewhat frightening picture that she took from her patio this evening. According to Anne, fire officials say the fire is “backing down” Ventana Canyon and is NOT as close as it looks.

Javelina Alert

At about 9:30 PM on the evening of Saturday, May 30th, a large pack of about 15 Javelina (with piglets)  was seen in the pool area.  The pack went through the common space next to Nancy Cox’s house, crossed Via Vigna, and into the common space next to Allan Wright’s house.  Residents must be careful, … Continue reading "Javelina Alert"