Financial Reserves Scenario Analysis

The Sunrise Canyon HOA Board of Directors has proposed a Special Assessment to address the community’s need to have the financial resources for properly maintaining the HOA common property assets. The most recent document that explains why the HOA Board has proposed this Special Assessment is the 2022 Reserve Funding Scenario Summary, which can be found on the HOA Financial Matters page of the HOA website. It lists Sunrise Canyon HOA’s 46 unique common property assets with their life expectancy and anticipated repair or replacement costs, as discussed in much greater detail in 2022 Reserve Study. If you have question about, or would like to discuss, the Reserve Funding Scenario Summary, please send an email to Tim Connolly, at

Other documents related to the Special Assessment Ballot and the Special Assessment Meeting, are available on the HOA Financial Matters page. The Special Assessment/Special HOA Meeting Announcement notes the Special Meeting will be held at 4:00 p.m., on Saturday, June 11, 2022. The announcement also specifies the options and schedule for submitting a ballot if you will be unable to attend the special meeting. Please read these details so you don’t inadvertently miss the opportunity to submit a ballot. The Special Assessment Ballot is also available on that webpage. The ballot is available in .doc format, and in .pdf format for those who cannot open the .doc version.