Minutes from November 19, 2023 Annual Meeting and Trash Can Management

The minutes from the November 2023 Annual Meeting are now available on the Sunrise Canyon HOA Matters page of the website.

Additionally, Mark Happ, after seeing the damage caused by javelinas when trash cans were left out overnight on Strada de Rubino, sent us residents on that street the following email.  I thought I would include it (without the pictures that were attached) in this posting, as I don’t think javelinas only visit the northern part of our HOA:

“Dear fellow Strada De Rubino residents,

“Attached to this e-mail are various pictures of recent incidents of (in most cases) javelina having a late night party on our street. To avoid the continuing reoccurrence of this issue, I would ask for your cooperation to not put your trash bin out until Wednesday mornings. Recycling bins can still be put out the night before which should help since the recycling pick up has now been occurring around 9am in the morning.

“On an unrelated note, I would ask everyone whose property has a sidewalk that when putting out either the trash or the recycle bins, please place them in the street along the curb and not on the sidewalk. This request is because Sunrise Canyon HOA is bound by AZHB 2395 which is an Arizona law that is designed to keep sidewalks clear for everyone to use. This is an ADA related issue and has directly impacted one of our residents who was trying to use the sidewalk when rehabbing after hip surgery. Keeping sidewalks clear also includes not parking vehicles such that they encroach upon the sidewalk. Hopefully, when our Board gets the new C,C &R revisions issued, keeping sidewalks clear will be included as part of those revisions.

“Thanks for your help!

“Mark Happ”