New Sunrise Canyon Architecture Design Reference Document

​May 17, 2023

Dear Sunrise Canyon Homeowner,

The ​Sunrise Canyon HOA ​Architectur​al Committee determined that the Sunrise Canyon community needed more comprehensive and detailed standards for homeowners to refer to for S​unrise Canyon architecture guidelines and regulations. Therefore, we created a new Architecture Design Reference to replace the earlier Rules and Regulations on ​our website. Hopefully this document will help clarify any questions you may have regarding standards throughout our Sunrise Canyon community. The ​goals of the ​Architectur​al Committees and ​the HOA are to retain consistency throughout the S​unrise Canyon neighborhood, preserve the quality of our houses, and enhance property values, ​thus maintaining an outstanding community where our homes are a sound investment. These guidelines are consistent​ with​ the standards originally established by the Fairfield developer.

You will find this new document, titled ​”​Sunrise Canyon ​Architecture Design Reference​”​​”​ on the ​Architecture and Architectural Committee page of the ​Sunrise Canyon website, along with a separate document ​titled “Sunrise Canyon Approved Exterior Paint Color​s”. Please read this prior to the HOA​ meeting this Sunday, ​May 21st, at 4​ ​p​.​m.

Respectfully submitted,​​

The SC Architecture Committee
​     ​Gail Seale, Chair
​     ​Lesley Roberts
​     Jane Vitale