Time Running Out on Special Assessment Ballot

The Board has proposed a Special Assessment fee to help catch up on deferred maintenance of many of the Sunrise Canyon HOA capital assets. The amount of the proposed special assessment is $2,200. There will be a Special Meeting to vote on the Special Assessment at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, JUNE 11, 2022 in the HOA pool area.  More details on the Special Meeting, and how to submit votes, are contained in the HOA Announcement of the Special Assessment Proposal/Special Meeting on the HOA Financial Matters page of the HOA website.

If you cannot attend this Special Meeting, you can either:

(1) Have a Special Ballot delivered to the Board at the June 11th meeting by someone other than you, the owner—that is a Proxy Vote; or

(2) Vote by submitting a Special Ballot before-hand in order to have your vote count.   

The Special Ballot is available in both in Word format and .PDF format on the HOA Financial Matters page of the website. 

If you intended to mail a Special Ballot (to Sunrise Canyon HOA, 5255 N. Strada de Rubino, Tucson, AZ  85750), the envelope must have been post-marked no later than today, Friday, June 3, 2022.  So, if you haven’t mailed your Special Ballot by now and can’t attend the Special Meeting, you are stuck with voting through a Proxy Vote or by sending the Special Ballot by email.

If you intend to submit a Special Ballot by email, you must send that email to Vinson San Angelo, our Treasurer, at vsan@comcast.netEmail votes must be received by Vince no later than Thursday, June 9, 2022.   If you send a ballot by email, make sure the Special Ballot that you send to Vince can be opened by Vince and is the version that you have filled out.  All to often, people inadvertently send the form that they started out with instead of the form they filled out.  I would recommend not waiting to July 9 to email the ballot to Vince so that, if there is a glitch, you have time to correct the problem before the deadline.