Community Directory and Pickleball Interest List

On the Sunrise Canyon Community Information page of the HOA website, links to two resident lists are now available:

  1. The Sunrise Canyon Homeowners’ Directory is a password- protected document that lists the names and phone numbers of all residents of the Sunrise Canyon community. It also lists the email address for all residents who have chosen to have that information shown in the directory. This document is NOT to be shared with anyone except residents of our community. If you need the password to open the directory, ask your neighbor, or call/text Syd Berwager at 503-309-4264. And, if you spot errors in, or the need for changes to, the directory, please let Syd know.
  2. The Sunrise Canyon Pickleball Interest list is a new addition to the Community Information page. This list, which is NOT password-protected, shows the names of all residents who have informed Gloria San Angelo of their interest in pickleball and are interested in knowing who else in the community shares that interest. If you would like to be added to the list, or would be comfortable having your phone number listed, please inform Gloria at 520-891-4000.