HOA Officers Named, New Photos and Directory

Board Officers: At the Annual Meeting on Sunday, November 6th, Mark Happ was elected to the Board of Directors. The Board has met and chosen the officers for the next year. Allan Wright will remain President, Tim Connolly will remain Secretary, and Mark Happ will be the HOA Treasurer. Claire Connolly and Gail Seale will remain Chairs of the Landscape Committee and the Architectural Committee, respectively. This information is posted on the About Us page of the HOA website.

Photos: Ed Lehmann, a new Sunrise Canyon resident who lives on East Via Vigna, took some wonderful aerial pictures of the neighborhood. Three of those pictures are now posted on the Photo Gallery page of the website.

Community Directory: Just a reminder that a link to the Sunrise Community Directory is posted on the Sunrise Canyon Community Information page of the website. This directory is updated regularly and requires a password to open it. I would be appreciative if you would check out the directory and let me know if you would like me to change the Directory information shown for you. If you have forgotten the password, send a text to Syd Berwager at 503-309-4264.