Spring Reminders

It is spring, so remember the following: Watch for snakes and other critters (such as Gila monsters) that will start to come out as the weather warms up. Make sure that you have phone numbers handy for snake removal (Rural Metro:  520-624-9913). By keeping debris, leaf litter, etc. out of your yard, you can avoid … Continue reading "Spring Reminders"

Marty Marsio

I am sad to report that Marty Marsio passed away yesterday, March 23, 2021. Marty had lived in the Sunrise Canyon community for almost 30 years. Nancy Cox describes her as “…a true friend with a big heart. She had a smile that glowed from far away.” The family has announced that there will be … Continue reading "Marty Marsio"

Landscape Committee

Happily, Sunrise Canyon now has a newly active Landscape Committee. The Committee Chairman is Claire Connolly, with Jim Olsen and Betty Brainerd serving as members. The new committee is discussing ideas for moving forward among themselves and with the Board. In the next few weeks, the Committee plans to announce how it intends to work … Continue reading "Landscape Committee"

Sad News about Steve Rosebrugh

On February 12th, Steve Rosebrugh suffered a heart attack while driving on Territory Drive and died after moving to the shoulder. It was completely unexpected and we grieve with Marie for the loss of, as she says, this “sweet man.”

Sad, Doubly Sad, News

Within the last few weeks, we have had two deaths among the residents of the Sunrise Canyon community.  We will truly miss Jim Slanaker and Fred Becker. Jim Slanaker On December 10th, 2020, Jim Slanaker died after a long battle with cancer. Jim was a very personable and energetic guy who was always friendly and … Continue reading "Sad, Doubly Sad, News"