Letter on Procedures for Assuring Paint Standards Application

Vince San Angelo asked that the following letter be posted on the website:

November 12, 2020

Dear Residents:

A residence in the HOA was recently sold.  However, upon inspection of the property the board noted that the trim was not in compliance with the HOA specified paint colors.  The Title Company insisted that the owner follow HOA rules.  It was repainted and the sale became final.

However, the owner/seller made a suggestion to the board that was reasonable and constructive.  He did not know his home was painted with the wrong color when he placed his home for sale.  He thought that the board should let the residents know beforehand if their homes are incorrectly painted so that they can make corrections before entering the selling process; and, if they are contemplating having their homes repainted as general maintenance.

Accordingly, the board checked each home in the HOA and identified those with incorrect paint on their trim.  Each owner will be notified by a personal letter from the board.

We also noted that while many homes had their trim painted with the correct color, there were quite a few that badly needed repainting due to weathering, etc.  Please check your homes to see if repainting is due.  Ensure your painter uses the correct paint colors.

To reiterate the HOA policy—Prior to the sale of homes that have their trim incorrectly painted owners will be required to repaint in compliance with the HOA paint colors.  This will be noted on the Title Company information form that is sent to the HOA for completion and could affect the sales process.

The Sunrise Canyon HOA Paint Color Standards can be found on the HOA website.

Thank you,

The Sunrise Canyon Board of Directors